We’ve all heard of tiny and sweet birds such as the bird called hummingbird. The hummingbird stands out not just because it’s the tiniest bird on earth and also because it’s one of the few birds to fly backward. Let’s find out what it takes to draw the Hummingbird.

Step 1
Draw on an eraser two ovals – the head and torso of the Hummingbird. Find the position of the beak, wings, and tail of the bird.

Step 2
Draw one small eye at the top of the hummingbird and make the beak larger. Then draw the neck as well as feathers along the back. The wings should be trimmed.

Step 3
Then, carefully erase the lines drawn in the initial step. Now draw the outline of the bird with clearly drawn lines. Sketch the feathers on the hummingbird.

Step 4
Paint the eye with a pencil and then add shadows using stunning and light strokes. In addition, we recommend pencils that have the letter “B” or “2B” as the lines are smoky and crisp.

To discover what it takes to draw the bird better, you should draw it multiple times, with or without the aid of our lessons and without it. Take a look at the pictures of a hummingbird, and draw from the method of drawing that we have taught during our class. You can also draw an image of a hummingbird in your mind using before you paper and pencil. You will realize that we are talking about practicing since practice is the primary instructor for any artist.

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