Artists from 3dvkarts have already taught you the art of drawing horses. In the previous article, our artists created the image of the horse in its entirety. We have decided to demonstrate how you can draw the head of a horse. To ensure the highest clarity of vision and ease of this drawing procedure, we arranged our lesson into simple steps.

Step 1
The first part of this course is similar to the initial step in our lesson on the zebra. In the lesson on the zebra make a circle. an extended line along the neck, and two intersecting lines within the circle.

Step 2
Draw a long and cylindrical muzzle for our horse. Draw the ears and neck, which widen downwards.

Step 3
With the assistance of wavy lines, draw the hair that our horses wear. Then draw an almond-shaped eye with an inflated nostril.

Step 4
Drawing with very clear lines, trace the muzzle and the details on the face of your horse.

Step 5
Next, use the same clear lines, and draw ears that are long and hair that is wavy. Eliminate all other lines from the horse’s head drawings.

Step 6
Paint the eyes of the horse, leaving a white reflection inside. Make shadows using hatching. Add more lines of wavy lines on the mane for the most realistic drawing.

Our article on drawing the head of a horse and the other lessons we offer were divided into a number of very easy steps. The truth is that any subject can be split into a number of simple steps, however, it is important to do it to ensure that the steps are proportional and the pupil does not face issues while drawing.

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