Today, the team at will show and show the viewers what to draw the hedgehog. Although it is a relatively basic creature, we broke this drawing into very easy steps to make it possible for even a beginner artist can draw the image of a hedgehog.

Step 1
Draw a wide and large oval, which is the torso of our adorable hedgehog. draw a small circle, where the head will be placed. Don’t forget to not forget to remember that the first steps should be drawn with very thin lines.

Step 2
Then, in the head’s circle, we draw a small circle. This is that of the hedgehog’s ears. Draw the tiny pointed muzzle and legs of the hedgehog.

Step 3
By drawing a straight line, trace the line at the start of spikes. Draw a tiny eye and the top of the nose. We have already drawn the basic contours of our hedgehog. beginning with the next step, we’ll draw the details using darker and more precise lines

Step 4
Make sure you draw the smaller face and the neat details of the hedgehog’s face. Draw the belly and legs and remove any guidelines.

Step 5
The most difficult procedure – let us draw the tiny sharp spikes that the hedgehog has. To get the most realistic look sketch spikes starting from the root to the tips.

Step 6
Darken both legs and eyes. By hatching, add shadows to the illustration of the hedgehog. Apply the shadows in the following manner First, determine the source of light, and then lightly shade the areas where the light source is not.

We hope that our lesson on drawing the hedgehog was not too difficult and that you are now able to draw a hedgehog like our artists. Let’s move on to useful tips. To draw like an expert, it’s not enough to draw a hedgehog with this instruction. It is necessary to learn a lot and practice drawing this beautiful creature using pictures or even just out of memory. Also, don’t overlook there are pages on every social network that you can join in order to not get a missed drawing lesson.

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