Hey, dear art lovers and artists! In today’s drawing lesson we’ll teach you the art of drawing the Harp step-by-step. It’s one of the oldest instruments in music and is the emblem of Ireland. In the XVIII century, the pedal harp was created and became the norm in classical music.

Step 1
First, put an eraser in your palms then draw with light and straight lines, and draw an acute-angled triangle.

Step 2
In the upper portion, by drawing two lines curved, draw the top edges of the harp. A second line is added to the left to form an arc of Harp.

Step 3
Draw the body and body part of our harp, make the soundboard and circle the harp’s pedestal.


Step 4
Eliminate all guidelines that don’t belong in our sketch of the harp. Draw the pedals.

Step 5
A tedious step in which we’ll have drawn the long, even strings of our Harp.

Step 6
The final step in the article on drawing a guitar is that we must create shadows by using simple hatching.

Drawing and music are two aspects of a wonderful and beautiful art without which life is dull and grey. Today’s lesson aimed to bring these two elements of art. We sketched the guitar. In the next drawing lesson, we’ll help you draw a violin, guitar, and other instruments of music. Join us on social media platforms and you’ll not miss a single drawing lesson.


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