Welcome, dear artists. the world of 3dvkarts. In our previous drawing tutorials, our artists taught you how to draw the hammerhead, a Jackhammer as well as the war hammer, and the shark with a hammerhead. Today, we want to draw the thing that unites all of these. Let’s start our lesson on drawing the Hammer.

Step 1
In the beginning, we have to draw a rectangle. Then draw a triangle over the rectangle. The head is the Hammer.

Step 2
Then sketch on the handles of our Hammer. It could be straight or slightly widened towards the ends like in the illustration below.

Step 3
With smooth and light lines, create a circle around the hammer, and then the head as illustrated in our illustration. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the very first step is drawn using extremely thin lines.

Step 4
Utilize an eraser to erase any unnecessary guidelines, then make a hammer outline using dark and clear lines.

Step 5
On the handle of the hammer, we make some shadows and glare. Additionally, we can add shadows on the handle’s underside by using hatching.

It was an easy but extremely realistic instruction on drawing a Hammer. We believe it’s beneficial to be able to draw things that are simple and common items like hammers pencils and vases. This is mainly because you can simply take the item, set it before you, and draw it by using the drawing lessons we provide. Remember that on such social media as Pinterest or Facebook we share shorter versions of our drawing tutorials with no text, but you can learn how to draw almost anything quickly and easily.

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