In this video tutorial, we’ll teach the viewers what it takes to draw a gorilla. In earlier lessons, we’ve taught you what to draw in the world’s most well-known gorilla ever seen in the film which is King Kong. The format for this class will follow the format of the lesson on King Kong.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the head using the shape of an oval. Then outline the pelvis, the torso, and limbs with very gentle lines.

Step 2
Draw out the muzzle and draw a line for the eyes. Include the body volume of the gorilla using simple geometric shapes as in our illustration.

Step 3
Now let’s focus on the specifics. Draw the eyes and brow ridges. Also, sketch out the nostrils, and the mouth.

Step 4
Utilizing dark and clear lines carefully trace the contours of the face and head characteristics of the gorilla. Draw the outline of its head and facial features using clear and dark lines.

Step 5
Make sure to draw large arms. With short lines, create a texture with the hair on the arms. Particularly pay attention to your palms when you are a gorilla.

Step 6
Draw the abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles. Draw the hind legs with care and use quick strokes to draw out the texture of the hair.

Step 7
The eyes are painted black. Then, using hatching, create shadows on Gorilla’s bodies.

The present lesson on drawing an animal was geared towards more skilled artists. If you’d like to learn something more simple about the gorilla, please tell us about it in the comments on this article.

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