Hello, dear artists. In one of our previous drawing lessons, we showed our students ways to draw a Gamera – – a gigantic tortoise creature that was a part of Japanese films. We will now reveal another monster from similar films. Let’s start our lesson on drawing Godzilla.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch a head using an unclosed mouth. Then, outline the torso as an oval. Then, at the end of the step, draw out the legs, arms, and tail. This is the initial step, and all lines drawn from this step and the following steps will be erased in the near future.

Step 2
Then add some volume to the body of Godzilla. Godzilla. Begin by sketching out the eyes, and sketch the outline for the face. Then draw the massive neck, long legs, tail, and arms using sharp claws. It is recommended to purchase a Godzilla model.

Step 3
Let’s get to work on the finer details. Draw your head’s outline using sharp teeth and evil eyes. Remove all guidelines that are unnecessary off the head.

Step 4
Let’s move a bit lower and draw out the torso using massive pectoral muscles. Draw the neck using strong muscles and take out any unnecessary lines on the neck and the torso.

Step 5
Draw the arms with smooth, slightly curly lines. Be aware that Godzilla’s muscles look very much like the arms of humans. Draw a large brush on the back to take out any unnecessary lines on the upper part of your body.

Step 6
We’ll now focus on the lower portion of the figure of our beast. Draw the outline of the legs taking into consideration the joints and muscles under the skin. Then, we sketch the outline of the tail and remove the guidelines.

Step 7
Let’s add some dimension to the Godzilla drawing. In order to do this, we apply shadows by hatching. In order to do this, we apply shadows by hatching. As we mentioned, we must first think about the location where the light originates Then, keeping the idea in our mind, create shadows in areas away from the source of light.

Today we demonstrated ways to draw Godzilla as a terrifying (or humorous) beast from classic films. Are you interested in these creatures and other reptiles that scare you? If yes, then check out our section “Myth and Legends” and you’ll discover a variety of fascinating and instructive drawing classes.


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