Hello dear artists. In our previous lessons, we explored warm clothing and demonstrated how to draw a knitting cap as well as a coat. We are here to expand on this subject and so we have designed a lesson in the drawing of gloves.

Step 1
This lesson will be similar to the lesson on drawing hands. First of all, draw the curvaceous figure using gentle lines.

Step 2
Then sketch out fingers using the aid of curved lines and a cuff on the lower part. After drawing your fingers, take note of the differences in their lengths.

Step 3
We will now need to eliminate all unnecessary lines, and then draw the contour of the glove with the aid of clear or dark-colored lines.

Step 4
Give our gloves a more “woolen” look. Draw gentle lines, like in our illustration. Take note of the fact that they don’t have to be perfectly straight.

Step 5
The final step of the lesson is the art of drawing an appropriate glove in which we only need to draw shadows by using dense hatching.

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