The giraffe is a unique and, at the same time, extremely beautiful animal. The unusually long neck and stunning pattern are likely to be common to all inhabitants on the Earth. In the course on drawing the Giraffe, we’ll teach you the art of drawing this beautiful animal.

Step 1
By drawing a small circular shape, you can sketch the head of an animal called a giraffe. Two ovals are the pelvis and chest and the pelvis. Connect the three figures using a spine and neck. Draw out the legs that are long and move on to step 2.

Step 2
Draw out a muzzle and the neck’s long length that grows towards the chest. The ovals that make up the pelvis and the chest form the torso. Create long legs keeping in mind the hooves and joints.

Step 3
With the aid of contour lines, sketch out the contours of the human body Giraffe. Draw details such as eyes, horns, and the long mane of our gorgeous animal. Then, compare your drawing to our example. If all of the details are correct proceed to step 4.

Step 4
Now is the time to get the eraser. Take it off and erase all unneeded guidelines that were created in the previous steps. Make sure you draw every aspect of the giraffe, as shown in our illustration. The drawing now looks more like a giraffe it is only left to include the most distinct particulars of the animal.

Step 5
Perhaps the most painful step in this tutorial is that we have to mark spots on the skin of the giraffe. There are large spots on the neck and torso, as well as small areas on the legs. The patterns must be angular and distinct in form.

Step 6
Light hatching, will darken the spots. Also, using hatching, draw shadows to make the drawing of a giraffe larger in size. To make stunning shadows, first with light lines draw the outline of the shadows and then, using hatching paint the shadows.

In this lesson, drawing a Giraffe (as in the other lesson on drawing) was broken down into simple and easy steps to make the drawing process simple and intuitive. Keep in mind that with this drawing lesson, you’ll be capable of drawing not just one giraffe but numerous other animals, because the method of drawing animals that are ungulate is roughly the same. Therefore, you might guess that drawing a giraffe is very similar to drawing horses (except its neck will be substantially larger).


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