We all love sweets and especially delicious cookies, but especially when they are in the shape of cute characters. As you’ve already figured out, we’ll show the user ways to draw the gingerbread person. It is an easy subject to draw however we have tried to make it easier by breaking it down into three easy steps that are easy to follow with clear explanations.

Step 1
Draw a head that is round of a gingerbread guy and simple outlines of his body. Don’t try to make the lines perfect, as only the artificial cookies are smooth. When you are done your gingerbread man’s sketch must look something like the simplest mark or blot upon the white snow.

Step 2
The time has come to create the intricate details of our gingerbread man using just a few lines. There is no need to duplicate all the details and patterns in our case You can draw patterns similar to those you’ve seen on the cookies of your grandmother or at your local pastry shop.

Step 3
Another step that is a bit more challenging is when we add shadows on our gingerbread man and then the drawing is done. To enhance the contrast you can add a second layer of hatching. You can draw your image of a gingerbread person in white and black, or paint it brown and orange.

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