Hello! Today we’ll teach our readers what to draw on the head of the deer. Yes, we don’t refer to that head that is displayed at the top of the wall. In fact, we oppose killing animals. So, we’ll draw a real deer.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the lines of the head. As you can see, the head is made up of a cylinder and a circle. circular. In this process, we also draw the lines of the face.

Step 2
Let’s draw our eyes neck, ears, and eyes. Notice how the right side of the ear appears significantly larger than the left. Angle makes this visual illusion. The eyes are also different shapes and sizes.

Step 3
We now need to remove any extra lines that were left from the earlier steps. Then we split the cylinder created in the previous step into two components to create the mouth and nose.

Step 4
Draw the Auricle. The lines must be placed within the contours of your ear. This form resembles an ear flower bud.

Step 5
Create some soft shadows. Paint your eyes in a dark shade. Make sure to add a white space within your drawing. This small detail will give your drawing more life

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