Tea is served in various containers, including cups, mugs, and most likely straight out of your kettle. The most well-known cup of tea is one cup. We’ve shown you the art of drawing the shape of a cup however, today’s post will focus on drawing tea cups.

Step 1
The first step is to draw two ovals: a big one on top and a smaller one below. Connect the two ovals using the help of two lines.

Step 2
Then draw two big ovals flat, one within the other. This will form a plate beneath the cup.

Step 3
Make a mark with a teaspoon on the plate. Draw the top of the cup, as well as the line of the tea inside. Draw the handle as well as the thread of a tea bag.

Step 4
Then, gently erase any unnecessary and excessive lines and draw clear lines on our tea.

Step 5
Utilize straight and precise strokes to create glares on the plate and cup. With curved lines, draw an icy reflection on the spoon and on the surfaces of the tea. After the process, create shadows by making hatching.

It was a bit difficult to master, but today (hopefully) you’ve learned how to make the perfect cup of tea. Our website is always being updated and you are able to contribute to its growth by simply sharing the information you learned and joining us on every social network which you can find us.


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