The Crane is a renowned bird, and across different societies, there are many myths and legends related to the bird. Let’s find out about drawing an image of a crane – this gorgeous and elegant bird.

Step 1
Two ovals, the head, and the torso – are joined by a curving line on the neck.

Step 2
Draw the beak, tail, and legs. With a wide semicircle, we sketch an outline of the crane’s wings.

Step 3
Draw an eye and then increase the thickness of both legs and the neck. With short lines, create feathers over the underside of the crane.

Step 4
Remove all unnecessary and excessive. Take care to sketch out the design using clear black and white lines. Pay attention to the specifics of the feathers.

Step 5
Once all necessary adjustments are made After all the necessary adjustments have been made, you can put the shadow to the sketch of the crane using making a hatch.

However, if you encountered any difficulty making a drawing of the crane please let us know.


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