Everyone loves drawing tiny and adorable animals. We’ve already drawn two animals, a feline and a parrot and today we’ll demonstrate to you how to draw the chipmunk.

Step 1
The first step is to draw out our head and the torso using the shape of an oval. By using simple lines, sketch out the neck, paws, and tail.

Step 2
Draw a circular eye and tiny ears. Make the neck, paws, and tail of the chipmunk.

Step 3
Get rid of all the guidelines, and using dark and clear lines, trace the outline of the chipmunk. This will make the lines appear more distinct.

Step 4
Then, using small strokes, draw lines across the head and back. Make a circular outline in the eye.

Step 5
Make eyeliner leaving a highlight. Draw lines across the face and back darker. By using short strokes, you can create a more fluffy tail and create shadows.

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