We love the chibi and anime genres and have already created a number of cute characters with a chibi style. However, today we have thought of creating an instructional video that will teach us about the basics of drawing characters from chibi. Let’s begin the lesson about drawing a chibi character.

Step 1
In the beginning, you should draw a line around the head. The head must be rounded, like in our illustration. We now sketch two lines that intersect in the lower region of the skull. Utilize extremely light lines for the first step.

Step 2
Then sketch out the torso as a shape of an oval. Next, sketch out the legs of our character. Be aware that the body is likely to be small in comparison in size to the head.

Step 3
Then we sketch the outline of the eyebrows and the hair. We also add four tails to the back of our characters. Be aware that chibi characters usually feature big eyes as well as gorgeous hairstyles.

Step 4
With the aid of black and clear lines, carefully sketch hair, the outline of the eyes, and the head. Don’t forget to draw a small eye and dark eyebrows. It is important to note that chibi does not have noses.

Step 5
Draw the outline of the top body part of the chibi using black and clear lines. Be aware that the fingers should be drawn extremely schematically. The point is that there isn’t a need to draw too many details.

Step 6
Then draw on the top of your body. It is not necessary to add too many specifics. Chibi stops are usually depicted as plain hills.

This was a learning experience on drawing characters in chibi. We haven’t created the character by ourselves It’s actually a character from an established anime. If you can guess the anime that this character comes from and the name of his character then write it down in the comments of this article.


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