Today’s drawing lesson the team from will teach how to draw what to draw the perfect cherry. The lesson is fairly easy however, at the end we will draw a very realistic cherry. Let’s get started with the lesson!

Step 1
To draw a strawberry, initially, draw an outline of a circle. Draw light lines and loose lines for drawing during this step. The lines are made so they’re light so that in future steps it’s simpler to change the sketch. In truth, the cherry is nearly done.

Step 2
Two lines that are slightly curled show an image of the stem of the cherries. By using a few lines, you can show the texture of the tip of the stem.

Step 3
With curved lines, draw the leaf. This is also a good step be careful not to press too much into the pencil. In addition, you can check out our drawing class to learn to draw trees.

Step 4
Eliminate the guidelines. Make the lines traceable and smooth them clear. Utilizing a “Z” line, draw the edges of the leaf. With short lines, draw the veins of the leaf.

Step 5
It’s a very simple process where we only need to sketch the outline of shadows as well as the glares that are reflected in the cherries.

Step 6
With light and gentle hatching, begin adding shadows on the cherry using light and gentle hatching. In our illustration of the cherry, the shadows are placed on the side and bottom edges of the sweet cherry.

Step 7
Keep adding shadows, and making glares, as shown in the example. The lower part of the cherry and then add cast shadows. You can also add shadows that are darker by adding a few levels of hatching.


This was the drawing lesson where we show our students what to draw an apple. We hope that this sketching lesson was informative and interesting for you. Following this tutorial draw the cherries using different angles and with various shadings, so that you can get greater practice. This is because practice is the foundation of mastery.

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