Hello! Today, we’ll show the readers what to draw in a Cheetah step for the step. You’ve probably heard that this is the fastest animal ever. It is the only animal Quicksilver is able to escape the Cheetah.

Step 1
Let’s create a model of a cheetah using circular sticks. Start by drawing three circles that represent the chest, head, and pelvis. Connect them by a single line that starts from the top.

Step 2
Based on the stickman model from the previous step, we’ll make the silhouette. Then, we will join two breasts and a head by a line that is derived from below. This creates a neck. At the same time, we draw the lines of our eyes across the top of our heads. Make sure that you draw your front of the paws.

Step 3
We continue to follow the steps from the first step with regard to the hind legs and the tail.

Step 4
In this phase, we’ll draw the eyes as well as the nose, ears, and mouth.

Step 5
We erase unnecessary directions lines, and we draw an animal’s paws, a trunk, and a tail.

Step 6
In this final step, we’ll draw those spots across the body of the cheetah. Be careful not to paint too many spots. The lower part of the legs and the face were left unpainted.

Step 7
Create light shadows around the abdomen and the feet.

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