We are all glad to have you here. drawing tutorials on drawing the centaur step-by-step. Centaurs from ancient Greek mythology refer to wild creatures sporting the head and body of a man with the body of a horse. horse and those who live in forests and mountains, are the companions of Dionysus and are distinguished by the violent nature of their behavior and indignation.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch out the structure of our centaur’s skeleton, which is composed of simple geometric shapes. The head and thoraxes (yes our centaur has two chests) and the pelvis are drawn as ovals. Then draw the spine the limbs, and finally, the tail using lines that are simple.

Step 2
Make our centaur appear larger by using simple geometric shapes. Begin by sketching out the lines of the face. Next, sketch onto the body. Add weight to the centaur. Draw the bow and arrows in his arms. Be aware that we draw extremely light lines in two steps.

Step 3
We’ll now get into the specifics. Draw curls and beards of the centaur. After that, using intersecting lines drawn from the previous step, draw out the facial characteristics (eye eyebrows, and nose).


Step 4
We begin a bit lower, and then draw the specifics of the arms and torso.

Step 5
The next step is to continue working on the finer details. Like in the first step, erase the lines, and then trace the contours of the body of the centaur. By using curling lines, trace an outline of the centaur’s tail.

Step 6
The final step of the drawing class is to learn the drawing process of centaurs. In this case, we will add shadows. If you have done a good job with the shadows, you’ll have an authentic centaur.

Centaurs are frequent guests in movies, books, and games about mythology and fantasy. One of them is now on our site as well. Our site is home to not just a centaur but as well an ogre, as well as a goblin and a Troll, and a dragon, and you can master the art of drawing.


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