We really enjoy the theme that is the Middle Ages. Beautiful knights gorgeous princesses, and myths about dragons (such as plague, witch-hunting, and the utter lack of literacy of the populace). We decided to create an instructional video on drawing the castle.

Step 1
Then by using geometric shapes, we draw the outline of the walls as well as the hill upon which the castle is built.

Step 2
Additionally, with the aid of geometric shapes, we draw battlements and the upper portions of towers.

Step 3
More precise lines and darker colors trace the outline of the walls and rocks below the castle. Draw windows with narrow openings.

Step 4
An easy but tedious process in which we are required to draw a pattern of the stones with short horizontal lines.

Step 5
We’ll now work with shadows and draw them by creating hatches.

You now are aware of what it takes to draw an elaborate castle. Send us a note, detailing the challenges you faced during the drawing process.

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