Hello dear artists. We often draw a variety of heroes who prefer to wear capes. We aren’t sure why they require these, but they look more awesome in capes. Today, as you can see, we’re going to demonstrate the art of drawing the perfect cape.

Step 1
Therefore, hold the pencil you hold in your hands and draw very thin lines to sketch the contours that your cape. There’s no need to attempt to draw straight lines or draw any specifics.

Step 2
We will continue to employ extremely thin lines that are almost invisible. Draw a hole for the neck, and a top portion of the cape that rests over the shoulders.

Step 3
Now we must make use of dark and clear lines. With the help of these lines, we can draw the outline of the cloak. This will make the lines distinct. Make a few folds similar to our illustration.

Step 4
Then we came to the final step of the drawing class on what to draw in a cape. we have to draw shadows so that the design becomes looks more extensive.

The course of the art of drawing the cape is over and you are now able to create any superhero and wear this stunning cape. Additionally, this lesson could be helpful when you are looking to draw a person from the world of fantasy or earlier in the Middle Ages – They are also extremely in love with these cloaks.

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