However, clothing isn’t just clothing that is worn around the legs and the torso and torso, but also things that can be placed onto the head. In the past, we’ve sketched a winter version of the headdress we learned in our lesson on drawing knit hats as well as demonstrated the drawing process for a cap-style the perfect headdress for warmer temperatures.

Step 1
We will first draw a rounded form. The upper portion of the figure appears to be something like a square, with edges that are rounded, while the lower portion is flat. It is essential to note that the lines drawn in the first steps should be the tiniest so that the process of amending the design much simpler.

Step 2
The element that it is impossible to imagine a cap is the Visor. In this stage, we sketch your visor’s outline. It is possible to draw a cap that has a straight peak, however, obviously, you could draw a cap that has the curvature of a shorter or very long peak.

Step 3
Let’s draw a button situated on the top. Just a couple of simple lines create seams that split from the button on the top and down towards the edge of the cap’s peaked edges.

Step 4
We will now sketch the outline that will form the design. You are able to draw your own version of the logo. It could, for instance, be a symbol that resembles Superman as well as the claws of Wolverine. This is not just a matter of having to eliminate lines that are unnecessary and lines, but also trace all lines necessary to ensure that the drawing is neat and clear.

Step 5
The final part of this drawing tutorial on drawing caps needs to erase the unneeded guidelines, and then draw some light shadows. Shadows can make the headdress design appear more authentic and full.

Today, we demonstrated how to draw an eagle. We’re working hard to create more tutorials for you. If you’re enjoying it, make sure to check out our Facebook page.


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