Dear confectioners and artists. The team at 3DVKARTSwill be welcoming you to the drawing workshop on the art of drawing the cake step-by-step.

Step 1
The cake design needs for it to look smooth and homogeneous. This is why we draw straight vertical lines.

Step 2
You now need to draw flat cylindrical shapes. In this lesson, you will learn to draw the puck

we explained details on how you can draw these Cylinders. We showed in detail how to draw them.

Step 3
Then we remove any unnecessary guidelines. It is recommended to draw like our illustration.

Step 4
By using Wavy and uneven lines, we create an outline of a cream. Make round decorations on the cake.

Step 5
Eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary. At the highest point of your cake, draw the cream with a few crumbs and strawberries at the highest point.

Step 6
The cake design is nearly completed and, in the next step, we’ll have to add shadows by using light hatching.

In the other lesson, the team from 3dvkartsdemonstrated the art of drawing the shape of a cake. If you’re looking for other drawing lessons like this take note of your experience in the comments section of this article. We taught ways to draw three stories on a cake however, by following this lesson, you will be able to draw different types of cakes. Pay attention to how shadows must be added to the edges of the cake. This can make your drawing appear more elaborate. At the end of the day, we’ll remind you that on Pinterest you can see a simplified version of this as well as other drawings we have taught in our lessons.

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