Butterfly – a gorgeous creation of nature that was a symbol of renewal and something fresh in diverse cultures and nations across the globe. We are here to teach the reader what it takes to draw butterflies. But if you’re an avid reader of our blog, maybe you already know that we’ve drawn the butterfly. This lesson is a more advanced and complex version of our previous lesson about butterflies.

Step 1
Draw an oval on the forehead, an oval for the neck, and an abdomen that is long. To draw wings, draw three guidelines for each side. Remember that the lines in this stage should be extremely light.

Step 2
Following the directions from the earlier step, carefully sketch the wings of our butterfly. Following the directions from the previous step, draw the wings carefully.

Step 3
Remove all unnecessary lines and precisely draw the outline of the body of the butterfly. The eyes of the butterfly should be rounded and large.

Step 4
In this case, we’ll be required to draw patterns onto the wings. It’s not required to create the patterns in the image below however, you are able to draw any pattern you wish. The most important thing is that the designs on the wings need to be mirror-like.

Step 5
We continue drawing places on our wings. We have decided to draw a small oval and round patterns close to the edge of the wings. However, the pattern on the wings could be any shape (for example, on the butterflies’ wings, one is often able to observe the appearance eye).

Step 6
Then paint the wings using hatching as well as a solid black fill. Also, add shadows using hatching, and the stunning butterfly drawing is complete. The majority of us draw using a pencil and then make them black and white. However, you can also color your butterfly with different colors from the rainbow.

It was our second class in drawing butterflies from our website. We made the drawing more appealing with some color, and shadows and generally made this lesson a bit more difficult. Of course, there’s an abundance of butterflies that inhabit the Earth with various types of bodies and wings. The benefit of this lesson is that with the aid of it, you can draw any kind of butterfly.


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