Hello, dear artists. The category titled “EASY DRAWING” is one of the largest on our site. There’s a vast amount of steel weapons along with weapons. Today, we have wanted to draw something with which the firearm’s efficiency is reduced. Let’s start with the basics of drawing an actual bullet.

Step 1
The first step is to take the pencil we hold in our hand and sketch a rectangle that has black and clear lines.

Step 2
Now, you can draw out the “shoulders” and “neck” of the bullet.

Step 3
Draw out the bullet’s point. Make your drawing as symmetrical as you can.

Step 4
On the reverse of the bullet, draw the rim out as in the example below.

Step 5
An easy step is that we’ll need to grab an eraser to erase any unnecessary lines.

Step 6
By using long horizontal lines, you can make shadows for the lower part of the bullet. Include glare as an example.

In this lesson, we showed the students the steps to draw a bullet. In the tradition, at end of the tutorial, we will offer a few tips. It is important to add a “metal shine” to your bullet drawing. This is why you should make use of light and brief horizontal lines. Additionally, we want to want you to be aware of the fact that, even though these were the bullets intended for an assault rifle you could apply this technique to draw any type of bullet since their construction is almost identical.

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