Dear artists, it’s a pleasure to present the drawing lesson How to Draw a Bulldog Step by Step. These steps are similar to the drawing a wolf lesson.

Step 1
Let’s first outline the skeleton. This is the base of our bulldog. Draw the head as a circle, and the torso as two circles. With simple lines, draw the limbs.

Step 2
Draw the ears, eyes, and muzzle. Add volume to our bulldog’s limbs by connecting the circles with a common contour.

Step 3
Remove all excess lines from the head, and draw the head using clear and dark lines. Draw the eyes, nose, and face carefully using droopy cheeks. Add wrinkles.

Step 4
Use clear and dark lines to circle the bulldog’s outline. With clawed paws, draw the muscular torso.

Step 5
This is a very easy step in the lesson How to Draw a Bulldog. We only need to delete all lines that are not needed.

Step 6
Gradually add shading, starting with the darkest parts. Shading can make your drawing look more real and three-dimensional.

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