If you frequently visit It is likely that you are aware that we have set out to make drawing classes on everything that exists in the world.
We were then required to write a guide on drawing an open box. In reality, we were in one of the previous drawing lessons, we were drawing the shape of a box however, that was just a paper container, and today we’ll draw the wooden box.

Step 1
First, sketch out the outline of your box (that is shaped like the shape of a cube) with the aid of straight black and clear lines. A ruler is a good tool however if you wish to master drawing straight lines to become professional artists We advise you against employing it.

Step 2
Draw lines on all sides of the cube, as illustrated in the example. Be sure to keep in mind the proportionality and evenness while making these lines. Make sure to draw all lines in roughly the same space from the edges.

Step 3
The box drawing should be larger than in our case. Also, instruction on drawing a box is extremely beneficial for people who are looking to learn to draw all things associated with games, as when playing games, we often discover all kinds of barrels and boxes.

Step 4
Then, using straight lines, draw the boards onto each of the sides of the box. Make sure you maintain the proper spacing between the boards so that they don’t appear unbalanced and disproportional. You can also draw the lines with a ruler, but in order to enhance your abilities, you should try drawing without using a ruler.

Step 5
By using curved lines or uneven lines trace the wood’s texture. Make shadows using hatching. It is important to note that the lines in the tree pattern need to not exactly be the same. However, the lines of hatching, on the other hand, must be clean, smooth, and similar.

Today, we have shown our readers the steps to draw an empty box step-by-step. This box can be drawn in a separate drawing or as part of another image.

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