Welcome, dear artist. to 3dvkarts. One of our readers frequently requested an instructional video on drawing the bear. It’s not a surprise the animal is found across the globe. You can find a bear in an abundance of movies, books, cartoons as well as comic books.

Step 1
First, sketch a circle to serve to guide the head. Sketch out the body of the bear using two ovals, one of which is an outline of the chest and one to show the pelvis. It is not necessary to draw the entire body in a smooth manner during this stage. In the final step, sketch out the parts.

Step 2
Draw the lines of facial symmetry. Then above the forehead, draw small ears and circles. At the top of your head, sketch your muzzle. Then join the ovals drawn in the previous step to create the body. After this step, draw the limbs by using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
In this process, we need to be extremely cautious. Eliminating any unnecessary rules from the head is a good idea. remove the eyes, ears muzzle, as well as the lines on the face. Make sure that the contours be smooth like in our illustration.

Step 4
It’s the most straightforward part of the drawing instruction on drawing the bear. We need to sketch lines around the outline of our torso by drawing the form of a soft line. Similar to the previous step, we need to erase all guidelines of the body.

Step 5
Let’s move on to the legs. Similar to the previous step, we have to draw lines using fluffy material to draw the paws. Be aware that the lines must be extremely robust. Eliminate all other guidelines and then draw away the sharp claws.

Step 6
It’s the final stage of the drawing course on drawing the bear step-by-step. If everything is correct and doesn’t require any corrections, you can begin adding shadows. At first, you’ll need to trace the contours of the shadows with very thin lines, and then you can add lines of hatching in the shadows’ contours.

It was a bit difficult drawing a bear however at the end of this lesson, we will have an accurate illustration of an animal. With this drawing lesson, you’ll be capable of drawing a grizzly bear or brown bear, as well as drawing an arctic bear.

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