In the past, we began a series of drawing lessons for people who play various sports and professions. In the first lessons in this sequence, we draw an American football player, a football player, and an American football player and now we’ll show how to draw a basketball player. the art of drawing basketball players.
Step 1
For starters, let’s sketch out a skeleton for our player. Draw the head as well as an extended line of the spine. Then, we draw the shapes of the pelvis and thorax. By using long lines, sketch out the legs and arms. Take note that our basketball player should be taller than the average person.
Step 2
On the face, sketch out two lines that cross each other which will allow us later to draw the specifics for the head. Then, we outline the neck and outline the contours of the body. By using simple geometric figures, draw the contours of the legs and arms. On the other hand, draw a circle ball.
Step 3
On the head, draw out the outline of the features of the face by orienting intersecting lines drawn in prior steps. The head is where we sketch out the lines of the hairstyle as well as the ears. By using thin lines, we draw the contours of loose clothing and shoes.
Step 4
Utilizing dark and clear lines, draw the outline of the specifics on the face (eyes as well as the nose and mouth) as illustrated in our illustration. Then, draw the hair’s contours and the face. Be sure to remove any unneeded guidelines from the face.
Step 5
Then lower your body and time to work on the specifics of the body. Start with the outline of the neck. Then, using clean and dark lines, draw the outline of the loose sleeveless basketball jersey. Eliminate all unneeded guidelines from the torso, and trace the folded lines of fabric.
Step 6
With the aid of lines that are smooth, draw the lines of the muscles of the biceps, deltoids, and triceps muscles as well as those that are located in the forearm. Be sure to draw the hands along with the ball and the lines that are drawn on the ball. Remove all guidelines that are not needed out of the arms.
Step 7
It’s a very simple process in which we sketch the shorts. Utilizing long lines, create numerous folds of fabric on the wide shorts. Utilizing an eraser, remove any unnecessary guidelines from the shorts, as illustrated in the example.
Step 8
In this next step, we’ll complete drawing an outline of the basketball player’s body. Utilizing smooth and long lines, carefully sketch out the outline of the basketball sneakers and legs. Take note that the body of a basketball player must not be overly bulky, and the muscle lines shouldn’t be too obvious.
Step 9
The instruction on drawing basketball players is close to being complete and all that is needed is to increase the size by including some shadows. We must first determine the source of light before adding shadows using hatching that varies in intensity.

As you can observe this lesson was extremely challenging, however at the close of this lesson, we were able to draw a real basketball player drawing.

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