Hello, dear readers! As you may have guessed, we are fans of Fantasy RPGs and especially the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

We will also discover the art of drawing the figure of a dwarf warrior. On our site, we have numerous posts where we draw people. Today we will show the steps to draw an individual that differ from those of a typical man but is strong enough.

Step 1
Let’s start, as always by introducing an adolescent. The current version will sport an unusual appearance. The dwarf isn’t just a typical shorter man and is also hefty and muscular. Take note of not only the striking resemblance between the head and the body as well as how the face is shaped (today its shape is circular) and the size of the shoulders and pelvis.


The first step is to draw the head, and then draw the lines of the body. Be aware that all lines should be very light.

Step 2
This is a common and common step. Then we create the stickman’s silhouette starting using the head, and the upper part of the torso. With a few lines, draw the head in a line – its horizontal and vertical lines. Below the horizontal line, we draw a few lines that are short which are those of the mouth and the nose.

Under the head directly, draw the neck with the Cylinder. Below the neck, draw an extremely broad and small torso. Next, using large balls, draw shoulders. Next, draw arms that are broad using cylindrical shapes and draw the hands in a line. Draw the pelvis as part of the shape of a triangle. Draw the legs out as we did the arms.

Step 3
The silhouette of the dwarf is complete We can begin adding details. The sketch starts starting from the head. Our dwarf wears a helmet so draw out the helmet like in our illustration.

Draw down the eyes, drawing the horizontal line. Under the face draw the nose, and trace the mouth. Be aware that the nose in dwarfs is narrower and shorter than the normal nose. Draw the beard. Note, that it should be extremely long and wide.

Step 4
This is the next step in our step by instruction on drawing step by step to draw an emaciated dwarf. In this lesson, we’ll complete the components that make up the skull. Draw a few line lines across the top of the helmet to sketch the crest. Draw the lower part that the helmet.

Eliminate the guidelines off the face Finish the eyes. Draw the nostrils and the lower lip contours. The beards of dwarves were often braided in braids. It is possible to draw this braid we draw can draw your own regular beard without a braid.

Step 5
Here we draw the torso of a dwarf. As you can observe, our dwarf is obviously engaged in the craft of military and is equipped with a weapon designed for close combat, as well as bows to fight at a distance. Additionally, our dwarf wears heavy armor. So, draw big shoulders guards and straps to the waist and chest as well as protection for the pelvis as well as the legs. After that, using light lines, sketch the bow battle-axe and shield.

Step 6
We’re nearing the end of our drawing tutorials about drawing an elven warrior. This is a simple procedure, where we’ll clean our drawing. Get rid of any unnecessary guidelines we sketched in the first steps. Mark the lines that we have drawn and make them more evocative and precise. Include details like lines on the armor, additional belts, bags, etc. Don’t forget to circle the lines of your fingers.

Step 7
Okay, let’s make the final design and then add shadows. Draw chain mail on the torso, and below the waistline, using simple cross-hatching. Create boards onto the shield using straightforward straight lines. Through curved lines, trace a design of the wood panel on the shield. Attach rivets to the shield and armor.


The next step is to introduce shadows. As in the drawing lessons previously taught:

The first step is to locate the light source
and then add shadows to areas where light doesn’t appear to.


In this drawing course, we’ve shown you how to draw an ethereal warrior. You’re a fan of fantasy and RPG, isn’t it? Do not overlook our drawing lessons for dragons and ogres. Dragon and Ogre. Make sure you share this lesson and sign up with us on our social media networks to stay up-to-date with new lessons.

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