This drawing class will be particularly fun for athletes. In the last lessons on drawing, we taught you the drawing process for an exercise bar. Today, we decided to keep the subject of sports equipment and created a lesson on drawing dumbbells for beginners. A dumbbell is an extremely easy subject, however, even so, we decided to split the lesson on drawing the dumbbell into four easy steps to ensure the highest access.

Step 1
In the course on Barbells, the very first step we have to take is to draw straight lines on a line with clear lines. It is possible to draw the bar of dumbbells using a ruler, however, should you wish to master drawing straight lines, you should not employ it.

Step 2
Then, using ovals of different sizes, draw out plates as well as clamps to hold dumbbells. If drawing the dumbbell make sure to keep it proportional to ensure that the sketch appears elegant and smooth.

Step 3
Remove all unneeded guidelines and ensure that the lines of the dumbbell drawing are distinct and dark. To verify the proportionality of the drawings of the sports equipment examine it in the mirror and you will be able to see the inaccuracies and flaws.

Step 4
Then, with the aid of hatching the shadows, we draw them. This will make our drawings more realistic and more detailed. To make the shadows darker slightly, you can add an additional layer of hatching.

This was a lesson on drawing the shape of a dumbbell. In fact, the process of drawing is similar to training. The more you practice the more you can do your job. If you’d like to improve your skills in drawing and painting anything that you can, be sure to follow us on social media and share this drawing guide for anyone who would like to improve their art of drawing.

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