How to Draw a Drum Easy

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How to Draw Ra (Egyptian god ra)

Step 1. Draw the top planar that is the surface of the drum.

Its top needs to be drawn as a flattened circular shape.

Step 2. Draw the body.

Then draw the two sides of the axis rotation into vertical lines. We then join the lines using an arcuate line.

Step 3 Add details.

Draw an arc along the top and the bottom of the drum.

Step 4 Add details.

Next, you need to create a more vibrant drum. To make this happen you need to draw zigzag lines, as described in the video tutorial.

Step 5 Draw an empty bar.

To the left of the drum to the right, draw a blank piece of stick. We will draw an elongated circle. from there, we’ll draw the outline of the stick.

Step 6 Add another stick.

Make the other stick similarly to draw the first.

Step 7 . Color the design.

We hope this has been an informative and useful course for your. Remember to display your drawing to your friends and family. We recommend you study other drawing lessons for children.

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