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We are always excited to demonstrate to our readers how you draw clothing and our readers are enthralled drawing clothes following our guidelines. In order to please users of 3dvkarts.net, this article will demonstrate the drawing process for the perfect dress. Dresses are available in a variety of styles, but by following the eight steps in this article, you’ll be able to draw various dresses.


Step 1

Draw an elegant dress by drawing simple trapezoid tapering down. This is the top layer of clothing that covers the torso.




Step 2

Draw a second trapezoidal figure underneath the trapezoid that was created at the beginning stage. This is the lower part of the gown.




Step 3

Then draw the neckline. The neckline was created by drawing an arch. Next, draw short sleeves that cover the shoulders. Of course, you are able to alter the look of the sleeves and neckline.




Step 4

Imagine a belt that is attached to the dress. Imagine a narrow belt However, you could increase the width or even add bows or another design element. The next step is to depict the lower part of the skirt.




Step 5

Utilizing a large number of lines starting from your lower line up to the waist, fold them. The folds shouldn’t be in a straight line from one another.




Step 6

Then, using an eraser, remove any guidelines on the dress’s sketch. Create the lower line of the gown with an arcing line.




Step 7

Get an eraser to use again and scrub any remaining guidelines left from the dress sketch. Make a sketch using black or dark ink to make it look more attractive and clear.




Step 8

The dress is now ready to be painted. The dress was painted pink, however, it’s your choice to choose any color you like for the paint. You are now able to add patterns or shadows to the dress.




Then, you’ve completed eight steps, and now those who read 3dvkarts.net are able to draw the perfect dress. Make sure to check out our section titled “Food”, where you will find tutorials on shoes, glasses, and more.

Please tell us the instructions you’d like to find on our website. We also encourage you to connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep up-to-date with all that is happening on 3dvkarts.net.

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