How to Draw a Dragon’s Head

Folklore describes the dragon as a mythical creature that can fly at great speed and infuse fire with its supernatural powers.

Different regions have different beliefs about dragons. Many dragons are depicted as winged and exaggerated versions of reptiles like Komodo Dragons, snakes and iguanas as well as lizards and lizards.

Dragons are not just appealing to children, but all people are fascinated by them.

How to Draw a Dragon’s Head Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Start by drawing an irregular shape on your paper. It should be larger than the length. This is the outline of the top of the dragon’s head.

2nd Step:

The outline that we previously drew shows the mouth of the dragon. To create the illusion of sharp fangs, make sure to draw the line slightly crooked towards the jaw.

3rd Step:

Their bulging, huge eyes are one of the most distinctive features of dragons.

4th Step:

To create the eyes, draw a full oval on the dragon’s right and a half-oval on its left.

5th Step:

Draw two vertical lines parallel to the dragon’s jaw, and one below its back.

6th Step:

It is important to draw patterns on the dragon’s head to give it texture and make it look more realistic.

7th Step:

This allows you to color the head of the dragon in a variety of colors.

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