How to Draw a Dragonfly

If you’re in search of instructions regarding drawing the dragonfly take a look at the fact that you have found what you wanted to know. offers very simple drawing tutorials, and this is not an exception.

This instruction was divided into various stages that are elementary that we marked in red to facilitate learning to the greatest extent possible.


Step 1

Begin by looking at the head, torso, and head of this stunning insect. They look like two normal ovals. Make sure to use lines that are light to speed up the procedure of fixings.




Step 2

Draw the lower half of the torso, as well as the abdomen long, like the artists from, have done in the sketch below.





Step 3

Then, draw large eyes and jaws. In addition, you can draw long antennae. However, we chose not to draw them since the beautiful insects have very different head shapes.





Step 4

The next step in the instructions on drawing the dragonfly is likely to be the most straightforward. In between the head and torso, draw arms by making use of a variety of lines.




Step 5

Then, let’s draw the insects’ wings. With the aid of two straight lines sketch the top edges of the wings in the sketch drawn by the artists at




Step 6

In this phase, we’ll finish the design of the top segment that make up the wings. By using two lines, you can draw the remaining wings as shown in the image below.




Step 7

In the seventh phase of the instructions on drawing the dragonfly, do it in the same manner as in the previous stage. With the aid of two lines, draw an upper edge of wings that are lower.




Step 8

In this stage, we’ll repeat all the actions we performed during the 6th stage. Finish the wings with identical lines as the artists from did.




Step 9

Now let’s add texture to the wings of our lovely insect. To begin, draw a few lines longitudinal on the wings, and then some transverse lines.




Step 10

The insects are available in many various colors, but we decided to pick blue hues. However, you can draw the dragonfly with any other colors with colored pencils or felt-tip pens, as well as paints.




If you are concerned your dragonfly drawing does not look as you’d like, then return to the initial stage of the tutorial on drawing an ant and draw it again.

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