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How to Draw a Dragon

In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach the students the steps to draw the dragon. There are many kinds of dragons. We chose to draw a dragon that resembles monsters from stories of medieval knights and princesses.


Step 1

We sketch out the figure that our guests are from fairytales using lines and circles. The head is formed by the longest figure. The body is made up of two figures that resemble two normal circles.




Step 2

Draw the neck to ensure that it is a smooth curve downwards. The line we draw should be an obvious bend compared to the neckline drawn in the previous step. Draw an eye as well as a long extended mouth.




Step 3

Then draw an outline for a large strong wings. It now appears to be an acute angle situated in the upper part of the fairytale Lizard. You can also draw the dragon’s body using that bottom line. The line is broken by the pelvic region as you can observe.




Step 4

Draw the outline that the claws have. Draw lines with smooth lines to depict the graceful bend of the legs. The fingers should extend downwards. Near the fingers, there should be a slight, smooth growth.




Step 5

We will show the hind legs of the dragon. They are different in size and length because of the angles and posture. Paws get thicker in the upper region.




Step 6

Let’s make the wings of our dragon bigger. In order to do this, we sketch the upper contour of their wings. The rear of the wing should be free of any cuts.




Step 7

Dragons’ appearance is strikingly like dinosaurs’ appearance. There are many theories of science that dragons were created by humans following a meeting with large descendants of dinosaurs.

We will now draw something that will increase the resemblance of our dragon to the dinosaur. The spikes are on the back of the dragon. There are large spikes on the top and tiny spikes on the tail.




Step 8

We will continue with this drawing tutorial on drawing the dragon. Attach short, sharp claws to each finger. The claws should be bent slightly downward.




Step 9

We also take a close look at our dragon, evaluating the appropriate proportions and parts that make up each part of the dragon’s body individually. We take out the lines that were created in the earlier steps.




Step 10

There are a variety of colors available for dragon skin. Sometimes, they’re given a brown or sand color. There are also famous illustrations of black dragons. We chose to paint the dragon with the traditional green hue.



What do you think of this lesson? We hope you liked it since we’re creating these lessons specifically for you. If you don’t have an animal as you would like and you’re not sure, be sure to let us know your most difficult problems. There are also simple instructions, such as instructions on drawing apples.

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