How to draw a Dragon Tattoo Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Grubber

You’re about to begin the first part of this drawing course and I’m hoping you’re prepared to have fun. Start with drawing an initial circle of the head, then drawing the shape of the snout in the form that you see. Attach the guide lines to the face, and then draw three smaller circular shapes for the chest and groin and feet. After that, connect the limb and body guides to the figures you have drawn.

Step 2

Okay, in this stage, you’ll sketch out the design of the mouth and muzzle , as illustrated. Draw the eyes first, then two lines to form the horns. Add some thickness on the body, by drawing the tail line and stomach and then begin drawing at the claws and paws. Once you’re done, you can draw some more details on the thighs and arms, or knees.

Step 3

Now, you’re at the third step , and I’m sure you’re aware of what it means, right? Well, you’re almost done. What you’ll need to do is first draw the face of the dragon by drawing the eyes, nostrils and the form of its head and the feathers surrounding the face. Then , you’ll make the horns thicker as shown here, and then paint the neck liner as well. Include the design of the dragon’s hands and arms as well as its tail and legs. When drawing the leg’s bottom, ensure that you include hair.

Step 4

You’re now on step four , and guess what? Step four is fairly simple. The only thing you need to do is draw a line around his beard, later, define and outline the face, and then add the sharpness of his tongue. Then , you’ll do the claws, and the hair that is on the neck’s back as well as adding certain details to the body. After that, draw a sketch of his hair and then draw the legs’ shapes.

Step 5

The goal is to add some definition and details to your beard, and the bushy back hair. Then, you can begin adding the razor-sharp teeth and defining the snout. After that, you’ll begin sketching the hand and claw, as well as drawing the feet and the body. Once you’ve finished you’ll be able to take this step and go on to the sixth step.

Step 6

Right! You’ve reached the last drawing stage and all you need to do is draw horizontal abdominal lines. Detail the horns and outline the remainder of the tail in the same way as. Once you’re done, you can begin to erase all the basic shapes and principles that you created in the first step.

Step 7

Here’s what you’ll see your tattoo look after you’re finished. What a great idea, don’t you think? Simply add some colors that you like to complete this step-by -step tutorial for dragon tattoos. I hope you learnt something new through this lesson I’ll be back soon with more, so keep an eye out for updates.

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