The most well-known subject of drawing lessons offered on our website is the one about dragons.

There are many lessons to be learned from dragons and there are many lessons to learn about dragons to come. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the drawing process of the classic dragon step-by-step.

Step 1
We’ll start by sketching the skeleton. Sketching first the head and the long spine. Following that we sketch out the pelvis and thorax. Simple lines can help us draw the legs, arms as well as wings that are large.

Step 2
Draw out the horrible mouth and the evil eyes. We then sketch out a long and curving neck that then moves into the back and torso. Following that, using simple geometric designs to outline the legs, arms, and wings of the dragon.

Step 3
Let’s add a few basic details to the body of the dragon. Draw the contours of the heads and thorns along the spine. Then, draw long lines for the wings, and razor-sharp claws that are on the arms and legs of the dragon.

Step 4
Beginning with this step and adding the particulars of the dragon’s drawing. Utilizing dark and clear lines, draw gently the large mouth, with sharp teeth and a protruding tongue. Then, we sketch the outline of the head then sketch the eyes, then erase the eyes and erase the lines.

Step 5
We’ll now begin to detail work on the Neck of the terrifying dragon. Following along the line of the head, slowly draw the outline of the neck. Then, draw a huge comb over the neck. Finally, draw transverse lines along the neck of the monster.

Step 6
Continue to slowly draw out the outline of the dragon’s body. Then, draw the arms. These will be very like those of a professional athlete. Draw your hands using sharp claws, and then remove the guides from the upper portion of the dragon’s body.

Step 7
Let’s now move towards the lower portion in the form of the dragon’s body. Following the lines drawn on the body, sketch out the legs that are similar to the legs of crocodiles, or other reptiles. Then, draw the long tail and then remove unneeded lines off the bottom part that the dragon.

Step 8
In this phase, it is essential to draw your dragon’s head. Make sure to circle the lines on the dragon’s wings taking into consideration all joints of our old monster. With the aid of an eraser, we can remove any unnecessary lines and then draw the shadows.

Step 9
The drawing of the dragon is now almost done The only thing left is to draw shadows. First, let’s identify the light source. Next, we can, by hatching, create shadows for those parts that are on the back of the dragon, where the light source is not.

Drawing the Dragon was a bit complex, but we are hoping that everyone who reads our blog was successful in completing this instructional video, and have a better understanding of what it takes to draw the dragon step-by-step. However, this isn’t the only dragon we have on our website, and to look at other dragons, visit our category titled Myths and Legends.

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