Welcome to 3dvkarts! Today, we are presenting an additional drawing tutorial in which we draw the image of a dragon. As we can tell, this is a tutorial on drawing the Slavic dragon for children.

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Step 1
Then, outline the preconditional “stickman” of our dragon. Take note of small anatomical characteristics like, for instance, three heads. At this point, the head appears very large (even in the event that the head would be only one, it would be a huge difference) to the body and paws, being rolled in their tails.

Step 2
We draw the mouth contours on each of the heads (at this point, they’ll appear like mouths). Mark each head with lines that cross with right angles. The vertical line signifies facial symmetry, while the horizontal line indicates the horizontal line represents the eyes. Circle all the necklines neck while the neck must be tapering in the direction of the body towards the head.

Then sketch the outline of the body. In the final stage of drawing short legs.

Step 3
Utilizing the markups from the previous step Draw the outline of the large eyes with oval shapes. Then outline the nostrils and smiles of a friendly face on the head. When you have completed this step, on the left and right head draw triangular shapes of sharp, tiny teeth.

Step 4
Remove any extra guidelines and draw the faces of each head of our slave dragons. Pay attention to the shape of their pupils, wrinkles on the cheeks as well as the areas of their lips. Draw the neck here – indicate tapered edges as well as horizontal strips.

Step 5
On the upper portion of the torso, there are clearly visible additional guidelines. eliminate them, and without a doubt. After that, you can round off the necklines in a straight line similar to the one we have in our sample. We also draw the lines that the wings have.

Step 6
We will circle the wing’s contours. You should outline the lines of each wing, then draw an edge on the top. Finally, complete with the respective membranes. This is the time to draw all the torso’s frontal area using horizontal lines.

Step 7
Very small stage. Draw the forelegs and paws of the dragon. They will look quite similar to a cat’s paw. The obvious resemblance to a cat’s paw is because we do not draw the texture of skin or lizards’ paws, as well as authentic dragons.

Step 8
It’s now time to draw the back legs. Draw smooth and clear lines. Make sure to erase the lines. Be aware that they are has a similarity to those legs on the Lion in the tutorial.

Step 9
Circle the body’s back, which extends into the tail. Draw the point of the tail. It is like a spearhead of an arrow. Eliminate any additional guidelines, we include this section as a complete appearance.

Step 10
Draw spots that are covered by the skin are extremely chaotic. Then, at the end of this lesson draw dragons for kids, and make curved spikes on the lower back and the tail of the Slavic dragon.

This was a lesson that we gave you on how to draw a Slavic dragon for children. The instruction is simple and we wish everyone to be successful. Make sure you check back regularly for the site via Google Plus Facebook, and Pinterest There are lots of fascinating things to see!

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