For nearly every drawing lesson, we request our viewers to let us know the drawing lessons they would prefer to have on the website. Many of our readers requested that we create an instructional video on drawing dragons for beginners.

Step 1
First, we have to do is outline the bones that are the dragon. It’s simple enough since we’ll use simple lines. Start with the head, drawing the head in the shape of an oval, and then an extended line that runs along the back.

Step 2
The dragon’s skeleton has been completed Now we can increase the volume. Start with the head and sketch the outline of the wide jaw of our flying beast. We then sketch the outline of the curved neck which transforms into a torso, and finally to a long curving tail.

Step 3
We are continuing to add more details and more volume for our dragon flying. By using simple geometric shapes, sketch out the outline of legs and arms. Then we’ll draw huge wings that look like bat wings. The main outline of the dragon is drawn in the first step, and then starting the next step, we’ll begin drawing some final lines.

Step 4
We have already mentioned that from this point on we’ll work on the final specifics. Utilizing black and clear lines, we’ll draw carefully the outline of the face. The face will have an open mouth full of sharp teeth. At the same time make sure to draw the eyes that the dragon has as well as spikes on the head. Eliminate lines that are not needed from the dragon’s head.

Step 5
Following the lines that we sketched the head, make sure to draw the neck’s contours and then smoothly transition through the upper portion and back. Then, draw the outline of arms using sharp claws. Don’t forget to draw spikes on the upper part of the neck. Then, remove the lines that are unnecessary on the upper side of the body.

Step 6
As we continue to draw with the line of the top body, slowly draw out the lower parts of the legs and body by using long, sharp claws. Then, draw a curving tail. On the top of the tail, draw thorns that extend with a row of thorns that extends from the neck. By removing lines that don’t belong then we proceed to step seven.

Step 7
This phase is the final step in drawing your dragon’s body. Following drawing the lines that define the back we meticulously draw the lines and details for the wings taking into consideration all bones and claws. With the aid of an eraser, we remove all unnecessary guidelines and move on to the last part of the lesson about drawing an easy dragon.

Step 8
You can keep the drawing of your dragon like the one you did in the first step, or apply some shadows. In the tradition of dragons, it is first necessary to determine where light comes from. In this case, in this instance, the light comes from above. Then, we add certain shadows that have to hatch on the dragon’s body where there isn’t any light.


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