How to Draw A Dragon Eye

Dragons are among the most well-known and depicted creatures in mythology and mythology. They are featured in myths and stories all over the world and remain still popular.

Their eye-catching eyes are among the most famous attributes of theirs however drawing eyes can be difficult even in the most ideal of times. This isn’t any different and it is an obstacle to learn to draw a dragon’s eye.

Fortunately, you’re on an instructional guide that can help you figure off a great deal of the difficulty!

How to Draw A Dragon Eye Step-By-Step

1st Step:

We’ll be preparing the finest details of this drawing in the very first step in our step-by-step guide on drawing the dragon eye.

2nd Step:

In this section of drawing your dragon’s eye you’ll be able by adding scales around the eyes. You can also draw these first using your pencil to ensure you get the right look!

3rd Step:

Then, you will use your pen to trace many more pencil lines in this section of our tutorial on drawing an eye of dragon.

4th Step:

For this part of your dragon eye drawing, you will be using your pen to go over the larger spikes over the eye.

5th Step:

Before you start coloring your drawing, you’ll need to consider a few important details you should add to this tutorial for drawing the dragon eye.

6th Step:

When your drawing is complete and inked, you are able to make it come to life using stunning colors in the last section of our guide to drawing a Dragon Eye!

We used yellows and reds for the eye itself , while we used grey and purple for the spikes and scales. These are the colors we used however, you’re not restricted to these shades!

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