In the past, the team at taught you how to draw the look of a flying dragon and a dragon’s eyes. We are here to carry on the theme of these stunning mythical creatures. So we made a video tutorial about drawing an easy dragon.

Step 1
The first part of this lesson is quite simple. In it, we’ll outline the dragon’s skeleton. In the beginning, we sketch out the neck and head that then go into the spine and the tail. Next, draw the pelvis and chest that the dragon has. Then, outline the legs, which are the legs, arms, and wings.

Step 2
The dragon’s skeleton is complete now it’s time to make our ancestors’ creature larger. Start with the head, drawing out the outline of the jaw that is open to the dragon. Then, we sketch the outline of the neck’s curvature which then expands into the torso before moving into the tail.

Step 3
We are continuing to add more the size of our frightened dragon. This is a difficult task in which we’ll accurately sketch the outline of the legs. Following that, we draw the outline of massive wings as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 4
In this stage, we’ll be adding certain basic details to the physique of the dragon. Start with the head, drawing the eye’s outline and mouth. Then, draw the open and closed outline for the face. Then, we proceed to draw the body using spikes on the tail and back. Following that we sketch out the details of the wings as well as the sharp claws on the paws.

Step 5
It’s time for clean lines and black strokes. It is time, to begin with, the head. Draw the outline of the mouth that is uneven that is dotted with razor-sharp teeth. Then, draw an evil eye and outline the skull. Eliminate any unneeded guidelines off the face.

Step 6
We continue to follow in the direction of the neck which is then curved to form a neck that is then inserted into the body. With the aid of smooth lines, draw your arms. Be aware that the arms should be strong enough and comparable to human arms.

Step 7
The torso is drawn in the final step. It is important to note that the torso of dragons is remarkably identical to the torsos of a person and reptiles. In the same direction, as you continue along the line of the back, draw an extended tail like the one below. Draw a circle around all the lines of muscles, legs, and fingers using claws.

Step 8
In this next step, we’ll draw the dragon’s body. as you can see, the only thing left is drawing the wings. Be sure to draw each of the wings’ lines using the aid of smooth and long lines. When drawing the dragon’s wings, take note of all joints and folds of the wings.

Step 9
The course about drawing a dragon quickly is close to being completed, and now we need to draw shadows. Examine the drawing carefully and decide in which area the shadows are likely to be. Then sketch the shadows using the aid of dense hatching.

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