How to Draw A Dracula Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

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Step 1

To begin this Dracula drawing lesson We’ll begin with the hairline and head. The contour of the face is drawn using a few curves. The same technique applies to his ears.

The ears are placed on the opposite one side. They are pointed towards the top.

The hair of his will be more spikes that have been shaped into the shape of a contour. These can to give him a modern appearance!

Step 2 – Next, draw some smaller details
Before we begin adding details to his face, we’ll make a few small strokes within the Dracula animation step.

Then, draw some curves in his ear to define the inner ear.

Draw a small circle around the bottom of his face. You can then add some sections of the sides to the bow. It’s that easy and you’re done!

Step 3: Draw the details on his face.
The next step is to start drawing the facial details that we have mentioned earlier. Begin by drawing circles using dots to create the eyes. Then, add some lines that are curled on the top.

Two dots that represent his nose. Then his mouth is drawn using curved lines.

Then, you can add some bushy eyebrows above the eyes to complete his look!

Step 4: Next Draw his lapel
The fourth step is an easy one since we’ll be focusing at his lapel.

They are drawn by combining of straight, curly, and pointed lines. they tilt inward and downwards as seen in the image reference.

Once this lapel has been made as shown the one in this example you are able to go on to the next step!

Step 5: Now, add his chest and arms.
Step 5 in the Dracula video tutorial simply adding his arms and his chest!

Then, we draw his arms. Then, they will join to his lapel , which you traced in the previous step.

His arms will be small and will be adorned with large squares on the ends. His arms extend outwards by waving.

You can then draw some curves to the two belt halves to be worn by the jacket. you have it!

Step 6 – Then sketch the details of his pants and jacket
In this portion in your Dracula drawing We’ll draw buttons to his jacket and add his legs.

To make these buttons create an elongated horizontal line down the middle part of the jacket. Draw a few legs underneath the jacket, and then add his basic shoes to the top.

Step 7 : Draw the collar
Dracula is typically depicted with a an enormous and glowing neck We’ll draw it today! The collar is very high and it’s about the same height as hair.

The drawing is done using more curves. Additionally, it will also curve downwards like in our image reference. After drawing this it is time to add some final details to include to our next stage!

Step 8: Next step is to draw his cape
Another famous aspect associated with Dracula has to be his cape, and this will be the final thing we’ll add in this part of the Dracula animation tutorial!

The cape will be extended from his palm and will be drawn using curves. The cape’s base will be drawn using waves to make it appear more attractive!

Once the cape has been drawn, you may also include some of your personal.

A backdrop that resembles the castle he built is very cool but what other backdrop scenarios can you imagine?

9. Now you can finish it off with some color
This is the final stage to complete the famous vampire by adding some colour!

In our illustration we have used purple to represent his skin, and the red color for the eyes, and on the outside of his clothing.

We then chose gray and black on the outside of his clothing. We chose these colors. selected however, you could also pick a different color to create your own!

There are a lot of amazing tools and art media to improve the look of colors.

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