Hello, dear readers and thank you for joining us in this drawing instructions on drawing the double axe! This weapon has been used from the time of Greek and Roman warriors from antiquity. The weapon was also popular during the early Middle Ages, at the times of brave knights and gorgeous ladies.

Step 1
We’ll start by drawing the simplest horizontal line for our steps.

Step 2
Draw another line and join them at their ends, as shown in the illustration below.

Step 3 Draw four curved lines which are part of the tip of the axe.

Step 4
Join the lines created in the previous step by using two lines with curvature.

Step 5
Make the axe appear glazier by using quick strokes and shadows with a simple hatching.

You may have noticed that we love the theme of guns during our drawing classes we would like to see you too. If you do then you’ll discover everything you need to know related to drawing weapons in the section “Weapons”.

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