We decided in this lesson to expand the section on our site. We taught drawing the doppelganger.

Step 1
Each of our drawing tutorials begins with a sketch of the person and this tutorial isn’t an instance of that. First sketch out the head in the form of an oval. Then draw the neck, which runs towards the spine. On the spine, draw the pelvis and chest. The legs and arms are sketched with simple lines.

Step 2
The monster was a thousand faces. In order to create at the very least one, we have to sketch lines that show facial harmony. Then sketch out the torso which reduces in the region that is the tail. Next, sketch out the legs and arms as we did in our illustration.

Step 3
The “dummy” of our doppelganger has been created and we’re ready to begin working on the detail. As always, we begin by drawing the face. The first step is to draw the unformed lines of the face. Then draw the ears, eyes, and wrinkles on the face.

Step 4
Let’s move to the torso part of our beast. Draw out the abdominal and pectoral muscles in our illustration. Take note that your body sims with doppelgangers tend to be made up of wrinkles. Therefore, draw them and then proceed to step five.

Step 5
Let’s look at the arm’s length of our terrible mother. Draw the formless arms using many wrinkles. Be aware that the form of the creature’s body will be strange and scary.

Step 6
In this step, we have to draw the same things as the previous step, which is, we draw the legs using lots of folds like he’s got an excessive amount of skin. Make sure to erase any unnecessary instructions from the previous steps.

Step 7
It’s the final stage of the drawing tutorial that teaches you the drawing of a doppelganger, where we simply add shadows.

We would like to remind you of the category titled “EASY DRAWING”. You will find a beholder, mummy, minotaur, and other fantasy creatures.


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