how to draw a donut

In this simple and cute drawing tutorial, we’d like to teach you how to draw donuts in six simple steps. In actuality, it is now a custom for us to draw a variety of delicious desserts. In the last instructions, for instance, we demonstrated the drawing process for cupcakes.


Step 1

Then, we draw a donut by drawing an enormous and stunning oval. The donut does not need to be perfect and clear, the most important aspect is that it is proportional. In addition, you can verify this exact proportionality by taking a look at the sketch using the mirror.




Step 2

The most interesting aspect of donuts is the gap in their middle. The idea behind it was that the sweet confection is cooked faster and doesn’t contain raw dough inside. Therefore, you can draw this hole by drawing two lines.




Step 3

Another interesting aspect of donuts’ glaze. With uneven lines, draw this exact glaze like the artists from did. Take note that drops should not be equally and evenly distributed.




Step 4

Donuts could be made with just glaze or with a topping (for instance sprinkles). In this case, you will see the other choice. Draw this particular sprinkle using numerous simple lines.




Step 5

Add the finishing details, trace the sketch using dark lines and beautiful lines, and then erase all of the unnecessary guidelines. If you’ve done everything right and you weren’t mistaken then your donut design will now appear similar to the sketch drawn by the team from




Step 6

Let’s paint our donuts with a beautiful shade. We are huge chocolate donut fans however, we chose to paint our donuts in shades of light and pink. Sprinkles were also painted in a variety of beautiful shades.




Six steps to draw donuts have been explained in this article, and we truly hope this article has helped you draw a donut as we did in our illustration. If you are interested in these easy instructions, make sure to visit our category titled Food. Don’t forget to join on social media channels to ensure that you do not lose out on new tips from our illustrators.

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