How to Draw a Donkey

In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach the steps to draw the donkey. It is a cute animal that can be found in fairy tales, cartoons, and humorous stories.

Step 1

The first step is to sketch your donkey’s anatomy with three round shapes. Then, place these designs on your paper. One of them must be considerably smaller than the others.




Step 2

Create a smooth line that connects all three rounded shapes that were created in the initial step. Utilizing straight sticks of any kind to mark the hind and front legs.




Step 3.

Create two lines that connect the three shapes of the initial step to the bottom. They should be straight lines with slight bends.




Step 4

In this step, we’ll take a close view of the donkey’s head. Let’s draw an elongated, long round shape, similar to our drawing.




Step 5

Include the contours of facial features. The almond-shaped eye contours, a curly nose, as well as a slender lip line.




Step 6

In this next step, we will draw a narrow, long ear. They are two small triangles that are almost in a straight line with each other along the neckline. Due to the foreshortening effect, we are able to only observe the ear closest to us, and a tiny portion of the ear that is farthest away from us.




Step 7

Draw the outline of the hair during this stage. It’s not a massive hairy mane as some horses and equines, but rather a small piece of hair with a short length.




Step 8

Now we can look at the legs of the horse. Let’s draw the outline for the legs in front by drawing gentle, curving lines. The contours are a little gradual downward slope.




Step 9

In this process, we create the hooves’ outlines in small increments. The hooves’ underside is slightly convex and rounded.




Step 10

The hind legs are more intricate contours. Here, we can notice a bend that forms an Obtuse Angle. The upper part of the horse’s legs is very broad.




Step 11

In this next step, we’ll draw two hooves. The front of the hoof appears pointed since its lower part is a convex line.




Step 12

This step is essential in order to check the steps you took in the prior steps. If you find any issues make them right now. Once you have fixed them, you are able to take away the additional instructions and start using colors as the final step.


Step 12

In this phase, we will work using shades. We chose to work with traditional and well-known colors. Make a darker shade of your base color to create lighter shadows. Make sure to include the white highlight in the donkey’s eye. This will help make your drawing appear more realistic.




We hope that you have enjoyed our tutorial on drawing donkeys. Don’t forget to inform us in your feedback section what you think of our guide. It is extremely important to us!


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