How to Draw a Dolphin fish -

How to Draw a Dolphin fish

How to Draw a Dolphin fish

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a dolphin, one of the most iconic inhabitants of the ocean.

It is amazing how diverse the marine world can be. The dolphin is perhaps the most well-known mammal that lives in water. Learn how to draw these adorable animals today.

These steps are easy to follow and can be used by anyone who is new to drawing. This method is suitable for both adults and children. Get some crayons and a piece of paper. Have a good time. Ready? Let’s get started with the tutorial on drawing.

How to Draw a Dolphin Fish

Step 1: Draw the Base of your Body

Place the sheet in landscape orientation. Use a pencil to draw an oval. This will become the base of our dolphin’s bodies. It will be easier to draw a potato. The mood will also rise.




Step 2: Draw the head of the Dolphin

Next, add the head of the dolphin. As shown in the drawing, draw a curve. Let’s name the dolphin. Hmmm… You could call him Steven, Andrew, or leave the dolphin as it is.




Step 3: Draw the Eyes and Mouth

Our dolphin is becoming more like a real dolphin. Let’s now draw his eyes and mouth. The dolphin now smiles. Your drawing turned out fantastic! Let’s draw a dolphin.




Step 4 – Draw your pectoral fins

Dolphins swim wonderfully, it seems. They can reach speeds of 40 km/h. The fins are used to aid them in this feat. We will draw the fins. Draw the fins in the illustration.




Step 5: Draw the tail of the Dolphin

Next, we’ll deal with the tail. Dolphins are fish and do not have gills. They must jump from the water occasionally. They can jump up to 5 meters in height on average. They have a powerful tail that helps them. Let’s draw it.




Step 6 – Draw your Tail Fin

Now draw the tail fin. Anyone who has been to the dolphinarium knows that dolphins have a lot of fun with their tail fins. You can even be sprayed with water. The tail is a tool that allows them to move in nature.




Step 7: Draw the Dorsal Fin for the Dolphin

Inattentive people might panic at the sight and believe that there is danger. They believe it to be a shark. The fins of sharks and dolphins are very different.




Step 8 – Delete the Guidelines

The body should not have stripes. Our dolphin is nearly done. There is not much left. Give your dolphin drawing a clean, finished look by using an eraser. If you wish to make your dolphin cartoonier, trace the drawing.




Step 9 – Color the Dolphin Drawing

Use your coloring tools to color your dolphin drawing. It can be colored in gray, blue, or white. You can also imagine a magical dolphin, and make it pink or green. You can also make the drawing appear more vibrant by adding shadows.




Our dolphin drawing is now complete. This mammal can now embark on a trip with his sea buddies. You can tell a story about the Dolphin. The dolphin woke up, and he went to find his friends. He came across a poor fisherman on the way. He asked the dolphin: What’s happened to a fisherman? He said: I can’t send my letter to my grandchildren because of the bad weather. I really miss them. Our dolphin then decided to help the fisherman.

You can also improve your dolphin drawing skills by retracing the entire process. You can also add details to the environment such as fish, octopuses, or algae.


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