Hello everybody. In this drawing course, we’ll teach the viewers what it takes to draw dolls. Dolls are created based on the design that is a human body, which means that in this tutorial how to draw the human body will be used.

Step 1
Then, draw a circle to serve as a reference for the head. Then, outline the spine where the pelvis and thorax are situated. Draw out legs and arms and then move on to step two.

Step 2
On the face draw two lines that cross in the middle of the head. Then draw a shorter neck and the torso. Draw shoulders as a series of circles. Then draw the arms as well as slightly curving legs.

Step 3
Let’s now add some basic details to the doll’s body. The horizontal line that we traced from the previous step draws the eyes. Below, draw the mouth. Then at the end of the step, draw hair and tiara.

Step 4
With the aid of the dark and clear lines, trace the outline of the pupils and the eyes. Then draw out the eyelashes, eyebrows, and tiny nose. Draw the outline of the face and hair dark, and then remove any unnecessary lines from the face.

Step 5
Make the design of your clothes on the upper portion of the doll’s body. Draw the bowknot out and fold it in. Take care to draw out the fingers and arms in the example.

Step 6
Let’s begin with the lower portion which is the doll’s body. Draw a long skirt and lots of folds over it. Draw a plump body and shoes.

The lesson was about drawing dolls step-by-step. In the end, if you apply this technique, you’ll be competent to draw an actual child as the fundamentals for drawing children and dolls are roughly the same. Additionally, we want to discuss the general characteristics of drawing dolls. The first is that the body of the doll is constructed from synthetic materials. It does not have joints or real bones. So, it is not necessary to attempt to make our doll similar to the human body. It must have an unnatural expression as well as its legs and arms are in an upright, but not unnatural posture.

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