How To Draw A Doll Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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To begin this drawing doll tutorial, we’ll start by drawing the head of our doll as well as hair.

The doll we’ll be creating in this tutorial will appear slightly stylized because it has a huge head, but a smaller and slim body. To begin drawing the head, start by drawing a curved and smooth horizontal line.

This line is the bottom of the face of your doll. After the line has been drawn the next step is to draw sharper lines to reveal the protruding edges of the face.

In the final stage, we’ll apply curves to highlight the hair.

Step 2 – Then draw the face
As we said earlier that this drawing of a doll will have a stylized style to it. Similar is the case with her face.

The eyes of a woman are big, and you can make them more rounded by adding two circles on the face. The eyes should be away from each other and close to the faces’ sides.

Then , we create a reflection effect for the eyes. This can be done using a fine circle at the base on each of the eyes.

Additionally, there will be an additional small circle in the middle of each in these crescents. On the left side, you will include additional circles above the crescent to add effect.

Before proceeding, you may make tiny lines around the corner of your eye to create some lashes. You can then make a smiley face.

Step 3. Hairstyle her in the next step
Dolls typically have hairstyles which you can alter and even brush. We’ll include a cute hairstyle for this style in the next part of our doll drawing tutorial!

It is possible to start this hairstyle with a few simple circles to form an arc on both sides on the top of her hair.

It is then possible to complete the look by drawing more waves down from these bows , to reveal her hair falling to the back of her head.

Step 4: Now draw the top part of her dress
In the same way dolls usually have beautiful hairstyles, they can also wear cute clothes. We’ll add the beginning of your dress to the doll’s drawing in the following section.

The outfit we created for this photograph is the hoodie, with a tiny accessory that she carries in its front pockets.

It is possible to draw the hoodie’s flat top by drawing some thin designs at the neck. Then draw her using one arm slightly elevated while the other is lying flat to her side.

In the end, you can draw the top of the hoodie and the first traces of her legs as well as the small accessory. Now you’ll be ready to draw the final details in the following step.

Step 5: Add last details to your doll’s drawing
Now is the time to complete the details and the final elements of the drawing in this stage of our drawing doll tutorial.

The primary thing you need to draw during this step is the boots she’s wearing. You are able to make them into pretty simple, slim lines. After that, you can draw some additional details of the right eye.

Before proceeding, you can modify the drawing by adding personal details or details. It is possible to do this by altering the design to make a completely new doll or create a background for her.

There are a lot of accessories and dolls you can get for her, so make sure to enjoy the final product!

Step 6: Finish your doll’s drawing using colors
The final stage of drawing your doll we’ll give her amazing colours. In the image we used as a reference we’ve used a dark brown hair, and we then added pink and white spots on the bows.

We also put similar pink colors and White dots on the boots.

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