How to draw a dog

We have seen in the comments that you enjoy drawing animals. This is why we have created the drawing guide that shows you drawing the dog.


Step 1

We will first outline the outline of the body contours of this beautiful dog. The head of this dog is evidently larger than his chest. When you shift from trunk to head the spine’s line creates an obtuse angle.





Step 2

By using a variety of triangles, we create the facial contours of this adorable dog. A pair of sharp ears can be found on the face and jaws are situated just in front of the head.





Step 3

In this stage, we join the body and head with two more straight lines. The neck will then expand slightly toward the body. Additionally, at this point, we can draw two elegant paws by using the landmarks from the previous step.




Step 4

We can now create the contours of our body using two lines that join the two circular shapes created in the initial step. Also, we can add tail contours.





Step 5

We have an approximate sketch of the animals. It is only possible to draw the outline of the hind legs. Both legs create Obtuse angles. The paw that is closest to us is an obtuse angle, that appears as an uncurved line.




Step 6

We can draw the facial aspects of our pet to make her more vibrant and realistic. Let’s begin. Let’s draw an eye that is located very in front of the face. Next, you draw a nose triangle as well as an extended tongue. In the final stage, we draw small sharp teeth.




Step 7

Include small, but crucial elements, such as the contours inside the ear and the toes. The areas of tangled wool should not be a burden.





Step 8

We cut off any lines that are not needed from our adorable dog. Draw the pupil in and the folds beneath the tongue. Then, we examine the entire picture for errors or inaccuracies.





Step 9

Choose any color that suits your liking. We chose to design a pet that had dark hair. This is why we picked dark gray as our color. The eyes and tongue shouldn’t be too bright. This could affect the authenticity of your art.




If you enjoy drawing animals, try drawing an animal like a rabbit or cat. We strive to provide easy drawing tutorials for beginner artists, and you can start by following any drawing instruction.

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